About Jacqueline Jackson
Jacqueline Dougan Jackson, now a retired Professor of English from the University of Illinois at Springfield, grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm. Much of her recently published work is derived from those childhood experiences.

  • Graduated Beloit College - 1950, Classics.
  • University of Michigan - MA, 1951, Latin.
  • Honorary Doctorates from MacMurray College & Beloit College.
  • Taught at Kent State University - Creative Writing, Children's Literature.
  • One of the founding faculty of Sangamon State University (now UIS), 1970.
  • Originated Reading and Writing and Radio, broadcast in Wisconsin and Central Illinois for over twenty years . Many thousands of schoolkids' stories were read over the air.
  • Jacqueline Jackson has taken literature classes to England and Scotland eight times, where students not only visited the Bronte parsonage and Jane Austen's home, but met living authors such as Richard Adams (and climbed Watership Down with him).
  • She has published twelve books during her career. See the menu items to the left for detailed information concerning Stories From The Round Barn, More Stories From the Round Barn, and The Round Barn.
  • In addition to books, she has also published numerous short stories & scholarly articles.
  • She publishes a poem a week in Illinois Times, and is Book Review Editor.
  • Her book The Endless Pavement became a musical (lyrics by Jackie; music by Philip Koplow; choreography by Marion Levin); was performed at the Springfield Theatre Center and was the first performance on the new Sangamon Auditorium stage. It featured forty kids and The Great Computermobile.
  • Her book The Orchestra Mice also became a musical: German script and music by Martha Hicks, and performed in Bielefeld, Germany. It was subsequently performed in Tennessee (in English) by conductor Lewis Dalvit
  • Jacqueline Jackson has four splendid daughters: Damaris, Megan, Gillian, and Elspeth; and six above-average grandchildren: Cressida, Mark, Andy, Jay, Rachel, and Wyatt.
  • Her students and former students are loyal and enthusiastic. She maintains a weekly writing group at her home; many of her students are publishing.