The Book More Stories From the Round Barn
In this much anticipated companion volume to Stories From the Round Barn, Jacqueline Dougan Jackson continues her loving tribute to life on her family's Wisconsin dairy farm with the unusual round barn. Readers acquainted with Jackson's first collection will find the familiar cast of family members -- Grampa, Grama, Daddy, Mother, Jackie and her siblings, and Daddy's brother Trever and foster sister, Esther -- joined by others who have a part in the workings of the farm and the surrounding community. You will meet Miss Egan, who creates a stir as a woman barn hand; Charlie, a one-armed milkman who mysteriously vanishes; and Aunt Lillian, who almost single-handedly keeps the farm going through the 1918 flu epidemic.
-- Northwestern University Press

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"The Roman Catholic Cow" - "Paradise" - "Thanksgiving at the Big House"
All stories ©2002, Jacqueline Dougan Jackson